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Tapare, toh total a single month jaka everyday aame jete bi prospect mile khelare lagi jau. Kebe bathroomre ekathi gadhou toh, ketebele sandhyare ghare eka thile chhata upare.

Lastre se Biaku place karili mo Bandaku dharila aau mun jorki gote strock marili. Etikire tike bata bodhe 1inch bhitaraku pasi gala. Ritu sange sange patikala, bahut katuchi kahiki kandila.

The US Headache Consortium has recommendations for neuroimaging of non-acute headaches.[32] Most aged, Continual headaches don't call for neuroimaging. If anyone has the attribute symptoms of a migraine, neuroimaging is just not needed as it is very unlikely the individual has an intracranial abnormality.

Coughing and exertion improves the intra cranial force, which can result in a vessel to burst, leading to a subarachnoid hemorrhage. A mass lesion currently boosts intracranial strain, so a further rise in intracranial force from coughing and many others. will cause agony.

Mora kana heijauthila mu jani paru nathili.Vauja mote ya kahi mote tankara upara mahala ku vidinele. Sethi tankara soiba ghara. Mo akhi lal hoi asuthila. Eka ajana jinisha paiba lagi puni mo mana ta udi bulu thila keun eka raijare.

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Aaahhhaa uhhh genhili. Genhili. Gandi ku halei ki genhili. Hele peak thik helani je takia ani bou godo tale rakhili aau set kari puni bou bia bhitare banda pureili. Ethara thik lagila aau bou gandi maunsaku dalu dalu halei halei genhili. Aau mu bi taala deiki gandiku tight kari haleiki bou bia ku genhili.

The ICHD-two classification places cranial neuralgias and other read more kinds of neuralgia in a unique classification. In keeping with This method, there are actually 19 types of neuralgias and headaches due to different central causes of facial agony. What's more, the ICHD-two features a classification which contains all of the head aches that can't be classified.

Head aches are broadly categorised as "primary" or "secondary".[4] Major complications are benign, recurrent complications not caused by fundamental disease or structural problems. For instance, migraine is a variety of Most important headache. Even though primary headaches may well lead to sizeable each day ache and disability, they don't seem to be harmful.

Ek chancei chudiye nilo, abar amakeo hints dichhe. Ekta bowl a payes tule amar ghore jai. Deepu mone hoi jegei chilo (pore jante perechi amar blue movie dekhata o dekhechilo lavatory korte giye).

Aaahhaa uhhh bou aaahhaa ohhh bou. Bou genhuchi genhuchi. Antheiki masta kari bou bia genhili. Kichisamaya pare bou ku thia kari genhili. Banda bia bhitare pasuthila baharuthila.

Vauja : Hun, Tamaku biswas nain. (Vauja eya kahi diary ta mo hata ru vidi nele. Hathat tanka hata ta mo banda re baji gala.Eka stri ra prathama chhuna re mo banda aahuri fuli uthila. Baramuda re mo banda ta thai khali tala upar hauthila.

The diagnostic approach to headache in small children is analogous to that of Grown ups. Having said that, younger kids may not be able to verbalize suffering nicely.[fifty eight] If a younger boy or girl is fussy, They might have a headache.[59]

Cluster complications require overactivation on the trigeminal nerve and hypothalamus while in the brain, but the exact trigger is unidentified.[22]

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